Coach’s Reflections - The Team Behind the Team

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There is no way this season would have been as successful without the help of this group, and I want to take a moment to shout out each one of them.

Julie Cook, co-owner, poured her heart and soul into the team. After at least a decade away from the game, she joined the group with unmatched passion and dedication.

Coaches Izzy Bryant, Megan Randall, and Suzy Jivotovski were just the right mix of strategy and heart for the team. Their contributions to all aspects of player development set us up for success.


Captains Tulsa Douglas and Cassie Wong led with focus and determination both on and off the field. Their perspectives provided a nice balance and helped players buy in to the new team from the get go.

Team Manager, Judy Jarvis, energized the team with her boundless positivity and work ethic. Her communication skills helped us get through the season along with all the difficult decisions and conversations that came along with it.

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You are only as good as the people around you, and this year, NYGL was surrounded by the best. I am still in awe of all these people - the way they selfless gave up their time and energy to this team and its vision. I remember when I finished the very first season of coaching. People told me that no season would ever feel the same. They were right, but I also know that this first season of NYGL will also have a special place in my heart and nothing will ever feel quite like this year felt. I’m already obsessing about next season and am looking forward to pushing the limits on this whole pro thing. I know we did well, but I also know we can do better. I’m up for the challenge.

Locked in. NYGL 2020. Let’s go.

~ Eileen Murray

Eileen Murray