New York Gridlock Ultimate

Who we are

New York Gridlock Ultimate (NYGL) is the first womxn’s* professional ultimate frisbee team from the New York City area. We are a participating team in the Premier Ultimate League.

Our mission is to achieve competitive excellence on the field and equity in the sport of ultimate by increasing accessibility to and visibility of womxn ultimate players. We achieve this by providing high-quality competition, leadership experiences, and community partnerships.

*Note: We use the term womxn to be inclusive of all women and non-binary people. We welcome non-binary people as well as transgender and cisgender women to be players and volunteers on our team.


  • Provide opportunities for womxn to play high level ultimate

  • Increase visibility of womxn ultimate players locally, regionally and nationally

  • Build a robust local fan base connected with the team

  • Increase accessibility of ultimate by providing an opportunity that is no cost to players and has a short season

  • Learn from the pro models of Australia and other countries who have equitable models

  • Help increase the number of girls and womxn playing ultimate by offering clinics and building community partnerships

  • Provide womxn with various ways to participate in a professional sports organization outside of just playing: opportunity to gain experience (interns, volunteers, etc.), pathway to leadership (coaching intern, assistant coach, coach, etc.)


  • Gender and racial justice are central to how we make decisions and hold ourselves accountable to each other, our volunteers and our fans

  • We support each other in all ways possible, including having intentional conversations about mental health issues and equity issues

  • Our pro team exists in an ecosystem of womxn’s ultimate: club, college, league and youth, women’s and mixed divisions. We want there to be a myriad of ways womxn can participate in ultimate, and we seek to communicate, connect and partner with the other divisions when possible.

  • We will never negatively recruit (i.e. talking trash about another team to recruit people to play on ours)

Join Us

NYGL invites cisgender and transgender womxn, non-binary, and intersex people ages 18 and up, to come tryout and play for us. We recognize that gender is a continuum and exists beyond the binary; while professional sports still operate within the binary, NYGL will employ best practices to maximize inclusivity and gender diversity on the womxn continuum.

While there exist gender and age requirements in terms of playing on the team, NYGL shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender expression, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in its tryout process. Additionally, there is no requirement for a specific level of estrogen, hormone replacement therapy prescription, or gender affirmation surgery in order to be eligible for the team.

Interested in volunteering? We will need help with the various clinics and activities planned for the season! Email for more info.